STEP 1: Join

If you’re interested in helping Malama (care) for Hawaii, or sharing the eco efforts of your organization then say Aloha to the Malama Network. It’s a place to connect, talk and contribute with all the protectors of our island home while still having fun. Join and find ideas on how you can help Malama Hawaii, coming from every direction. Connect with all the organizations out there making a difference and share your own ideas too, because hat’s what Malama is all about!

STEP 2: Connect

After you join, find and Add friends, join and create groups, post or browse jobs and volunteer opportunities, or just follow the activity streams to see what everyone is doing.

STEP 3: Create A Blog or Group

Malama Hawaii gives you the tools to create your own blog  to support your efforts or organization.   Starting a beach cleanup or neighborhood food drive?  Have some important information to share? A Malama blog allows you to create your very own blog with a Malama address.


  • REQUEST A GROUP - Malama Partners  you can increase  network of supporters with a group for your organization.  Currently the create GROUP option is limited to Malama Admins.  Contact your Malama Representative to request your GROUP.

STEP 4: Get Involved

One you have joined the Malama family, you will have plenty of opportunities to get involved. If you are ready to get dirty, find events, groups, and volunteer opportunities that interest you and start helping today. Don't have the time but still want to help? Consider donating to Malama Hawaii or one of our partners!

DONE! Now enjoy the benefits

Our new online network is loaded with benefits for your organization or cause. When you add an event, job or volunteer opportunity, it will not only be listed on our site that reaches thousands of people a week, but it will also go out on our Facebook and Twitter to all our followers.  By creating a group and networking with members of our network, you are getting your message out there to people just like you, who care about our planet and are looking for ways to help you Malama Hawaii.