JOB SUMMARY: Oversee the development and implementation of community-based health and environmental programs at a unique 100-acre Nature Park in Kalihi Valley.

THE NAME: Inspired by the ho`oulu`ai designation of an ancient heiau here in Kalihi Valley, Ho`oulu `Āina means to grow land as well as to grow because of the land. Our name perpetuates the value that the health of the land and the health of the people are one.

GOALS: We have four programmatic goals and three organizational goals.

Our program goals are:
* Native Reforestation: To restore health and balance to Kalihi’s watershed and native upland forests.

* Community Food Production: To share knowledge and offer a variety of opportunities relating to healthy food production, exercise, and greater self-sufficiency.

* Wahi Pana and Mo`olelo: To protect, revitalize and perpetuate ancient cultural sites and knowledge and instill a sense of pride in the ahupua`a of Kalihi.

* Community Access: To create opportunities for access to the natural environment for contemplation, education, and the strengthening of connections to land and community.

We also have three operational goals that are necessary to ensure that we have the facilities, infrastructure and resources to achieve our programmatic goals.

Our operational goals are:
* Resource development: To generate sufficient funds for staffing, maintenance and development, utilizing our unique resources in ways that are consistent with our program purpose and organizational context.

* Infrastructure: To create and maintain the structures and necessary infrastructure to carry out our programs.

* Administration: To ensure we are living our mission through our management and plan implementation.


1. Development, coordination and execution of an integrated master plan -- and component work plans in each of the four Nature Park program areas -- with revisions, as appropriate, to meet changing needs and requirements.

2. Monitoring and evaluation of Nature Park program activities to ensure that program goals and objectives are being met.

3. Effective management and supervision of KKV Nature Park staff and contracted employees.

4. On-time completion and submittal of all project reports for various Nature Park programs.

5. Oversight of all contractual responsibilities for the Nature Park program with appropriate documentation.

6. Development of yearly budget, oversight of financial expenditures, and ongoing grant writing and other fund raising activities.

7. Development and coordination of Nature Park community partnerships.

8. Promotion and coordination of Nature Park program with other related KKV programs.

9. Provide policy advocacy and coalition building for Nature Park related health and environmental programs.

10. Development of appropriate public relations/promotional materials and events for Nature Park programs.

Ho`oulu `Āina is a 100-acre State Park comprised of two `ili – Maluawai and Ouaua – with an ownership history that dates back to Kamamalu, sister of Kamehameha IV & V. The land was once used for agricultural production and contains both a remnant native Koa forest and pre-contact archeological sites. Kokua Kalihi Valley secured a long-term lease for this site from the State in 2004 to promote active living and a wide variety of culturally-based preventive health activities. Over the last five years, Ho`oulu `Āina has grown into a vibrant community resource: community gardens are producing nutritious food, native trees and medicinal plants are being preserved and replenished, strong partnerships are being formed and hundreds of hours of volunteer work are being provided each month. For more information, please visit

Kokua Kalihi Valley (KKV) was started in 1972 by community members with a mission to be an agent for the promotion of healing and reconciliation in the Kalihi Valley community. From a small staff of four, part-time outreach workers and a number of dedicated volunteers, KKV has grown to become a nationally-recognized leader in providing culturally- and community-based health services. KKV currently has over 130 staff, providing services in 17 Asian and Pacific Island languages and working from 9 different community locations in the valley. Despite this growth, KKV has continually sought to maintain the underlying philosophy of its original founders and supporters: Neighbors being neighborly to neighbors.

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