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Much has changed over the last few years in Hawai‘i in media. Learning about the outlets, persons, and strategies of the day for effective use of the media to develop and deliver environmental messages to the public.  Participants will develop key talking points for their individual use, good techniques to know when dealing with the media, and ways to be strategic with their message in social media.

Malama Hawaii specializes in communications campaigns and training, and conducted a 3-day workshop for coral reef scientists.  This blog is dedicated to the people, resources, and knowledge amassed in these communication sessions.

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July 26, last day of the coral reef workshop

Dear Scientists,

July 26, 2011 is our 3rd and final workshop day.  From this point forward we will be utilizing this blog to house resource/communications information for your use as a “toolkit.”

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Your blog

Hello Scientists!

Be sure to register at the bottom of this page and tell Momi who will make you an Author.  You will be able to login and post to the blog on this site.  Remember, you in the dashboard look for POSTS and ADD NEW.  Be sure to select the Category BLOG in the right column before you Save your post.

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Just a beginning

Welcome Coral Reef Communications Workshop peeps!

This blog will be improving in both look and content, still to customize it a bit.

For now, let’s start with one question:

How are you doing with your homework?  Did you find a speaking opportunity, media alert, or social media campaign project?

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