Malama Hawaii Creative Professional Services (currently working on this section, contact us for more information)

  1. contact our consultant
  2. discuss your project
  3. meet your team
  4. watch your plan take shape

Malama Hawaii is dedicated to supporting our partners.   One of our exciting new benefits is a consultant/project manager  to help promote your initiatives.   Trying to find reputable people who you can trust and who are qualified to help you, figuring out what you need, and then actually pulling together the project, can be daunting.

As a member of MALAMA, you will have full access to this Professional Consultant and Project Manager.  She will meet with you and discuss your needs and act as a project manager through the whole process.  Whether you need help promoting an event, building a website, creating a social media campaign, PR, Branding, etc, she will come up with a plan, and even pull together your team using a professional team you can trust by pulling from a network of professionals who have dedicated to support our partners with special non profit rates and services.

Malama Professional Network

Malama's network includes some of Hawaii's top professionals who are dedicated to helping Malama and our partners grow.   Your consultant will partner you with the most experienced team for your needs who have measurable results and at rates you can afford and trust.

In addition she will work as your personal project manager so that you can focus on what you do and be assured that things are getting done.

Services she can assist you with:

  • Websites
  • PR
  • Event Promotion
  • Social Media
  • Workshops and Training for your organization
  • Video Production
  • Branding your organization


Meet the consultant:



Examples of completed projects: